About Author

     Hi! I'm Ong Chee Hau,the inventor of "Facebook Chat Layout". And this is a summary about myself.

I started this project since 25th April 2012 due to I felt that the present Facebook layout is quite boring and there are no extension to improve the layout or these extension just didn't provide for the users to change their chat box's layout. And I found that Google Chrome has an "Inspect Element" function when we right click it and it allow us to change any css attribute or data according to our desire.

And that's why I'm trying to change the "Inspect Element" function and I choose the cute Rilakumma as my first layout(The reason I made this choice is probably because that many of my friend love it than

I expected). After that, I found several ways and approaches to put my code inside the webpage and finally I invented the "Rilakumma Facebook Chat Layout 1.0" on 25th April 2012 by using JavaScript.

I felt pretty excited when my extension has reached 30,000 users after the extension published only two weeks! And I pay a lot of hard work to maintain the quality of my extension to give all my users the best I could've give.I do not stop the updates even when I'm actually studying at Southern College Malaysia(Present name:Southern University College Malaysia)

Indeed, I'm a Computer Science Diploma student in Southern University College and I've graduated in 2013. But I did not stop my education with only a diploma with me,so I further my education with study Bachelor Degree of Software Engineering in the same university. I have to admit that the time is not enough and my life is in a fast pace everyday but I will still improve my application using the free time. And this is also the reason why Facebook Chat Layout(FBCL) usually update at midnight.

I enjoy everytime when I'm coding and developing the project. Besides the FBCL,I have also developed a group project named"Swiflet's House Monitoring System" before and are awarded"AXP Enterprise Elite Awards 2012". This glory is so meaningful and precious in my lifetime!

Start from left is my partner ZhiQin, Me, representative of AXP, president of University, and my teacher :)

Going back to the FBCL,due to the facts in FBCL v1.0(the basic JavaScript)is complex and complicated and it makes me quite difficult to maintain. So I decided to rewrite the FBCL by using JavaScript with jQuery and that's why FBCL v2.0 were published in 3rd June 2013. And there are 7 layouts in the latest v2.4 including The Minions,One Piece,Rilakumma and more. But I will not stop on this edge and yet I will keep on improving my application and make it better and better in the future to satisfy all my loyalty users! :D

I invented this extension and I make it cost-free and ads-free for every single Facebook user. If you have much love with this application,I would kindly receive your donation as financial fundamental of this application. And again my name is Ong Chee Hau, the inventor of Facebook Chat Layout, and I hope you enjoy with my extension, thank you very much.